We focus on students attending Queensland and Northern NSW schools and those in the surrounding areas who, for whatever reason, are unable to cover the costs of some or all school-related expenses. We aim to remove as many financial obstacles as possible for children in need, encouraging and enabling them to complete their schooling.

Our support covers one or many school expenses, including but not limited to: school uniforms, shoes, breakfasts and/or lunches, excursions, school camps, extra-curricular activities such as music or sports lessons, stationery, and technology devices.

We work closely with school principals and counsellors to identify the students who would benefit from our financial support.  The funding is channelled to the student via the school and paid directly to the provider of the item, resource or activity.

Fast Facts

  1.  FACT:  Over 20% of households are unable to raise $2000 within a week for something important.
  2.  FACT: Unemployment is often linked to social and economic disadvantage as a young person. Primarily, the lack of a stable home, lack of training and skills and disengagement in general.  For many young people they NEED education as the only way to avoid poverty.
  3. FACT:  In 2019, 38%’s of people living in poverty were earning a wage.
  4. FACT:  Student well-being underpins every aspect of a child’s schooling. The events of recent years (bushfires, droughts, floods and Covid-19) have brought the emphasis on mental health to the fore.  Schools, now more than ever are making their primary focus Student Well Being and Engagement.

Information gathered by Salvation Army and SchoolsPlus.