Group of business partners listening to colleague at meeting

In addition to the altruistic intent which encourages businesses to support their local community, they also recognise that employees now seek a deeper purpose from their employers.  Employees can be proud of their organisation’s partnership with Enriching Lives Foundation and the real, everlasting impact they make on the lives of young people.  Implementing a workplace giving program will enable employees to contribute to the education, wellbeing and growth of students within their community.

Environmental, Societal and Governmental (ESG) metrics are frequently applied to businesses, especially those looking for investment and growth, and unequivocally contribute to positive organisational reputation when prioritised.  Partnering with Enriching Lives Foundation to secure the future wellbeing and education of disadvantaged young people strategically aligns with triple bottom line reporting in which social evaluations generally include variables such as levels of education and relative poverty within the community.