Enriching Lives Foundation is a non profit organisation whose purpose is to increase the engagement of young people with education by assisting to fund their journey and make a lasting impression on their lives.

Our foundational project is Sponsor A Student, collaborating and partnering with individuals, families, businesses, communities and other altruistic entities, to assist individual students needing financial support.  Education is a fundamental human right for all children.  The reasons why children and youth do not attend school are multiple and complex, and our aim is to eliminate as far as possible, the financial constraints which, of themselves, may be barriers to school attendance, but also frequently contribute to other multi-faceted impediments.

We can't help

By helping to fund school essentials – and some non-essential but enormously beneficial items – for children from disadvantaged homes and others in need, we hope to encourage and enable them to complete their schooling.  Those who leave school early are less likely to achieve employment, which may lead to social exclusion, mental health problems and future economic and social disadvantages.

According to Poverty in Australia 2020 report over 3 million people, that is 13.6% are living below the poverty line.

Sadly, our local community contributes to these statistics, and it is within our means to make a difference to the students and their families who are struggling financially.

There are many school expenses that families are expected to cover, including but not limited to: uniforms, school shoes, stationery, technology devices and excursions.  In addition, students need to bring or pay for meals (many of whom have started the day without breakfast), and a myriad of other home or school-related expenses and resources without which, students feel excluded, embarrassed or isolated.

It is often the children from lower socio-economic households or those facing other forms of adversity, who leave school early and our aim is to try and create a more level playing field with the support of grants and donations.  Funding will be channelled to the individual students via the school system and will be provided to them in the form of the required item or resources.