Help Your Communities

There are many ways you can help us help those in need in your community.

Sponsor A Student is a collaboration with communities and donors to support individual students facing adversity.  Our donors are those individuals and businesses who recognise the impact their roles play in securing the future of underprivileged children.  Our donors can support one student or many, and we look forward to discussing the plan that works best for you.

Individual sponsorship: a donor will be matched with a student, although privacy will be maintained for both parties and identities will not be shared.  Funding support will be provided to the student based on their individual needs.  As a donor, you will receive regular updates regarding your sponsored student.  Donations can start from as little as $1 per day.

Business sponsorship: business donors can support individual students or several students-in-need across the whole school year.  We encourage businesses to consider a workplace giving program where employee donations can be directed to our charity.  Regular communication will be provided that can be shared with employees.  Please also see our ‘Business’ page.  Discussions will be held with each business donor to tailor a plan.

Fast Facts

  1.  FACT:  Over 20% of households are unable to raise $2000 within a week for something important.
  2.  FACT: Unemployment is often linked to social and economic disadvantage as a young person. Primarily, the lack of a stable home, lack of training and skills and disengagement in general.  For many young people they NEED education as the only way to avoid poverty.
  3. FACT:  In 2019, 38%’s of people living in poverty were earning a wage.
  4. FACT:  Student well-being underpins every aspect of a child’s schooling. The events of recent years (bushfires, droughts, floods and Covid-19) have brought the emphasis on mental health to the fore.  Schools, now more than ever are making their primary focus Student Well Being and Engagement.

Information gathered by Salvation Army and SchoolsPlus.