How We Can Help Each Other

Small red heart in woman's hands in a gesture of giving, protecting. Health, life, love symbol.

Education has been described as ‘the key to success’, ‘the great equaliser’, the ‘passport to the future’.  For whatever reason you are willing to support young people to complete their education, we thank you!

Many of us think that we are unable to help others because we don’t have lots of money to spare, or don’t have enough time, or don’t live close enough to help physically.  We believe that everyone can help someone in some way.  So what are some of the ways that people can help Enriching Lives Foundation to make a difference to kids in need and support them to finish their education – to the betterment of themselves and our society?

Sponsor a Student – donate funds monthly, quarterly or annually to help a student manage the costs associated with attending school.  Please visit our Sponsor a Student page for details.

Multiple donations – you may prefer to donate amounts on regular, or irregular intervals which will be provided to students in need to cover specific school costs.  Please visit our donations page.

Individual donations – we are grateful for as much or as little as you can donate.  One-off donations contribute significantly to our purpose.  Please visit our donations page.

In-Kind contributions for Students – disadvantaged students would benefit from pro-bono or discounted in-kind support in many ways (offers would be channelled through the school):

  1. Haircuts
  2. Technology
  3. Trade course equipment
  4. Music or art lessons
  5. Movie tickets
  6. Stationery
    etc, etc.

In-Kind contributions for our charity – individuals, corporations, businesses, families and other groups and communities can offer support in multiple ways, for example:

  1. Sponsor an event at your location or fund/co-fund an alternative venue.  We run fundraising and awareness events to build our network of contributors and supporters.
  2. Provide equipment and/or expertise for events.  We appreciate practical support when running events, e.g. AV equipment, IT expertise, photographers, printing, publicity, marketing, etc.  Please contact us if you can assist at a future event.

Pro-bono services – accounting, legal, advertising & awareness, printing, transport, etc.  Please contact us if you can provide some professional or non-professional support.

Volunteers – the lifeblood of charities!  We need you, whether it is in the form of expertise or practical assistance.  Please contact us to discuss how you can help.

Pay It Forward – we are exploring opportunities to collaborate with local businesses to develop ‘pay it forward’ schemes to benefit local young people.  We all know about the ‘pay it forward’ coffee schemes, but perhaps this same kindness can be applied to other products or services, haircuts for example.  If you have a business – or an idea – that may be able to contribute to our ‘pay it forward’ philanthropy, please contact us.