Who do you help?

We help students between the ages of 10-17 whose families are not able to fund all of their school costs.  We don’t want to see children and youth miss out on an education due to lack of money, nor do we want them to feel isolated at school because they can’t afford the same resources as their fellow students.

Where do you operate?

We have identified that there are many young people in Queensland and the Northern NSW who ‘go without’ on a regular basis.  We are concerned for our local students and this is our primary area of focus at this time.

Where does my money go?

Donated funds are channelled to kids in need, who are identified through the schools.  The money is paid to the provider of any resource or service that the child needs.  For example, if the student needs a school uniform, the funds are paid to the provider of the uniform, whether that’s a retailer or the school uniform shop.

How do you choose the students to help?

We liaise with local schools, especially with Principals and Counsellors, to find out which students are in need of financial help.  The funds are channelled to these students via the school.

Which schools are you focused on?

We are creating a network of Queensland and Northern NSW schools, so that we can identify the students to help.

Can I propose a student to be helped?

The best way to get help for a student is through their school.  We are unable to assess individual students and we believe the schools are best placed to identify those who need assistance.

Is there an opportunity to volunteer with Enriching Lives Foundation?

Yes indeed!  We would be grateful for volunteer assistance.  Please contact us via the website or directly to admin@enrichinglives.org.au

How do I donate?

Our donation page on the website is easy to use and is the best way to submit donations.  If you would prefer to speak to someone or would like to take part in our Sponsor a Student program, please initially contact us via the website or directly to admin@enrichinglives.org.au

Will I know which student I am helping?

We maintain the privacy of students we are helping, so identities will not be shared.  However, you will receive information on how your donation is being used and know that your funds are making a difference!

Can I communicate with the student?

To ensure the privacy of recipient students, we are not able to pass on any communication.  However, information will be shared on how your donation is having an impact.

Do you hold events?

We will run a number of events throughout the year to raise funds and promote our Sponsor a Student program.  Donors will be contacted regarding relevant events and details will be available on our website where the event is open to the public.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

Yes, our charity has DGR status and therefore your donations are tax deductible.