Community - It Takes a Village

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Our Village

The African proverb “it takes a whole village to raise a child” is well-known to many of us, and we interpret this as meaning that everyone with whom a child comes into contact has an influence on and a contribution towards the safety, wellbeing, growth and education of that child.  At Enriching Lives Foundation we see this proverb as central to our philosophy where we encourage our community to make a positive contribution to the future of local children-in-need.

Our community is comprised of individuals, families, businesses, charities, schools, churches, sports clubs and many other groups and organisations who care about what is happening in Queensland and Northern NSW.  The reality is that there are many local school students who ‘go without’ on a daily basis.  We in our local community can go a long way to providing some of what these children are missing out on, what they deserve.  Please contact us to see how you can help.

Fast Facts

  1.  FACT:  Over 20% of households are unable to raise $2000 within a week for something important.
  2.  FACT: Unemployment is often linked to social and economic disadvantage as a young person. Primarily, the lack of a stable home, lack of training and skills and disengagement in general.  For many young people they NEED education as the only way to avoid poverty.
  3. FACT:  In 2019, 38%’s of people living in poverty were earning a wage.
  4. FACT:  Student well-being underpins every aspect of a child’s schooling. The events of recent years (bushfires, droughts, floods and Covid-19) have brought the emphasis on mental health to the fore.  Schools, now more than ever are making their primary focus Student Well Being and Engagement.

Information gathered by Salvation Army and SchoolsPlus.