Message from the Founder

Enriching Lives Foundation has been born out a of passion to make a difference to families experiencing financial hardship.  This need has been highlighted to me while on my journey as a parent of two children in our Australian Education System. Being a parent today is like any other generation…. right? Being a child today is like any other generation…isn’t it?

What I have observed now as a parent, is the striking similarities we get presented with as we experience growing up. But what has caught my attention is how complex life continues to become for each generation of children.

It is not the minority anymore for an Australian child to have layers of complexities, from blended or single parent households to mental or physical health issues, job loss, domestic violence, natural disasters, or other situations such as COVID, that cause stress on a family.

Although both my husband Scott and I came from humble backgrounds, we were both fortunate to have two parents in the same household and our families encouraged and valued education whether it be public or private. There are too many children today who do not have this luxury. And even for those that do, the difficulty is also how much it costs to get even a free education.

It is hard to ignore the fact that money can buy opportunities, it can ensure a child is able to be included with their peers and it may even help them reach goals, which were only dreams.

There are many support agencies for child related issues. If you qualify for those services, you might get above the poverty line. In addition, there are those families that are just the Aussie Battlers and don’t qualify for other services, working hard but having trouble making ends meet. So how do all the kids in that family reach their potential? Do they go to school, do they eat well, do they get to go to excursions and do an extra-curricular activity, often the answer is no. These kids often fall through the cracks.

Enriching Lives Foundation wants to contribute to these families experiencing financial hardship. Education is the proven key to successful future of any individual and it creates value in the community. Student Engagement and Well Being are well-researched as the key pillars to success for the future of all communities.

Scott and I look forward to working with our experienced team to add value to the community via our Enriching Programs.  By Enriching Businesses through Corporate Social Responsibility, we can Enrich Families. We want our donors (as we do) to see a direct impact of funds in local communities. We want to help the most vulnerable, the children and in turn their families. We have personally been courageous and impactful in our previous ventures. We bring these same values to the foundation where a community minded and inclusive approach will change families’ lives.

We hope you can join us to help those in need.

Renee Brescianini